Crème de la Crème- A Friends Valentine

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in my heart. I believe that we should be celebrating the loved ones in our life everyday, but I sure do enjoy candy hearts, chocolat, and anything pink. This holiday doesn’t have to be romantic, in fact, I spent the day at the Great Park in Irvine with my sister strolling the greens and playing on the carousel, and it was quite magical. Your friends and family are just as much your Valentines as your lovely boyf. Twirling in a tutu and graphic sweatshirt can be a feminine, yet casual outfit for your Friends Valentine activity! With less than one month away, start preparing your outfit and your sweet, little love notes.

So the best of what you receive will be mine. Numbers 18:29
The phrase ‘Crème de le crème’ is one of my favorite clichés, simply because it is really fun to say. This French expression translates to ‘best of the best’ and I have found a deeper meaning in the verse Numbers 18:29. Everything that has value to me in this life has been given to me from God, especially my fantastic friends, my sister, and my boyfriend who are all my Valentines.  
Have a blessed week! xoxo

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