Sarah and the City: The Final Days

It’s hard to believe that each day of my trip could top the previous, but New York is full of delightful surprises. On the third day of our travels, we paraded through our unexplored areas of East Village, stumbling upon a farmers market on our way to Sunday Brunch. Eggs benedict, potatoes, and mimosas served us just right! After breakfast, we went into a food coma and rested at the apartment where I was able to read my bible in the windowsill, staring off into the city’s daylight. As the coma disappeared, we decided to hit a milk bar on 5th Avenue and stroll though central park as the day turned into dusk. We celebrated our last night and Michael’s birthday (our best friend and host) at a speakeasy restaurant called Beauty and Essex. As the temperature dropped, my leather-panel leggings, mustard tunic, Topshop sweater, and denim jacket were not the warmest of pieces, but I enjoy just the right amount of chill. The next morning called for donuts and our departure from the happiest place on Earth.    
Day 3

Day 4

People ought to enjoy every day of their lives, not matter how long they live.
Ecclesiastes 11:8
Our time here on Earth is limited, but God wanted us to find joy in each day that we are alive! Not every moment of everyday is going to be peachy, but everyone has so much to be thankful for. Of course there is such thing as a bad day, which we all experience, but having a renewed positive outlook in Christ makes the metaphorical rain clouds go away. New York just happened to be a few of the more extra enjoyable days of my life!
Have a joyful week!

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