Paris Street Style- Mark 8:35

WWD or WWJD? A few of my favorite acronyms. My last full day in Paris was incredibly irreplaceable. Reading WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) or posing with it I should say, while style stalking my favorite bloggers, fashion icons, and just straight up cool girls, was an unforgettable handful of memories. While you have all seen my Topshop coat from my time at the Palace of Versailles, and my sweater (also Topshop) from my post at Oak Glen last year, I just have to rave about how excited I was for my gray booties and leopard print gloves from Old Navy. The booties were only $40 and they were practically giving away the gloves for about $6! Old Navy is my new favorite deal seeking shopping experience. Enough about me, let me ‘ooh and ahh’ over my favorite street style looks my sister and I took from Paris Fashion Week.   
 Oh wait, still me. Keep scrolling!

Aimee Song from Song of Style outside Issey Miyake

Aimee Song from Song of Style outside Dior

Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad

Aimee (again) with my favorite person ever Brad Goreski 
If you try to keep you life for yourself, you will loose it. But if you give up your life for my sake and for the sake of the Good News, you will find true life. 
Mark 8:35
At Saddleback Church, we are in the midst of the Daring Faith series and this weeks message was on Daring to Imagine. It really put into perspective that I can keep dreaming bigger for my purpose for God’s Kingdom.  I want to be most like my creator when I am being creative, so I need to take time to hear God’s vision for me and my blog! I want to find true life in the reassurance that I am living for the sake of the Good News. I want a great life that is build around a great dream! Don’t you?
Have an imaginative week!

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