Oh Those Rainy Days- Hosea 10:12

April showers bring May flowers… or more May showers! Hardly ever does it rain on a day that I can enjoy the pitter patter. Spring rain and fall rain bring different types of joy. I wasn’t craving hot coco and snuggling, but I wanted to throw on a skirt and twirl in the falling water droplets. So, I did! 

Getting dressed for the gloomy weather in the spring can be challenging. The typical assumption would be that a rainy day wardrobe is dark, plaid, and perfect for mid October. I have learned over the years that we tend to get more rain in the spring than we do before Christmas here in sunny SoCal! This means a spring raincoat is an absolute necessity. My trench coat featured was an early investment I made when I was 18 shopping at Nordstrom before I even worked there! While I own four pairs of rain boots, I recommend wearing a leather pair of booties that are more fit for the season. Because the temperature didn’t drop to drastically, I boldly decided to wear my matching crop top and pencil skirt set by Leith from Nordstrom. Last but not least, a fun printed umbrella is a MUST! Bring on more rain!

For it is time to seek the Lord,Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.
Hosea 10:12

When I first think of rain in the Bible, I flash back to the Old Testament where there was no rain. Until the story Of Noah’s Ark, the earth was watered by a mist that came from the ground. He built the ark with the utmost faith that God would send this rain, that no one had ever seen, yet would flood the whole planet. I love how God uses rain as a verb that applies directly to us. When we seek the Lord by asking for reconciliation and peace, he will rain righteousness, mercy, and grace on His people. The more we seek, the more the rain will become a downpour!  

Have a bright and shiny week!

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