Lost in the Desert- Hosea 13:5

One of the biggest fashion mysteries to me is how to dress on my day off of work. Do I dress up? Do I dress down? How do I dress down? What am I doing that day? Running errands? Going out to lunch? Both? This is a twice a week dilemma that I face head on. When it’s a day off, I tend to want to wear pieces that I am not allowed to (or would never be caught dead in ) at work. Shorts are one of these choices! 
I have a drawer full of shorts that hardly ever get to see the light of day, so I have made a conscious effort to wear each pair this season. Otherwise, why keep them? This Free People pair of floral print shorts is my absolute favorite! It matches any tank or t-shirt I in my closet. For this desert vibe, I chose my periwinkle Free People swing tank and Vince Camuto sandals to complete the look.  Accessorizing on my day off is the next step. Digging through my armoir, I found my brown vintage belt from a thrift store I bought for $3. I want to keep it jewelry minimal and wear more casual arm candy such as my rope bracelet my sister brought me home from Haiti. I am always looking for day off inspiration, so feel free to share your advice!

 I cared for you in the wilderness, in the land of drought.
Hosea 13:5 
Not all who wander are lost. Through the old testament, God led his people through the desert for a time period that felt like forever. This was a spiritual and physical test where God’s people needed to trust that he would provide enough needs to survive and that he was growing their character through this time in which he seemed absent. God is always here for us and holds us close, no matter how distant he may feel. This can feel like a spiritual drought. We need to water ourselves through reading the word of God, and he will draw near again. This is a promise of the Lord! 

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