Schoolhouse Rock- Proverbs 20:15

Back to School is a season that I no longer get to be a part of. No longer do I go shopping ALL summer for the perfect first day of school outfit, the yearbook photo outfit, the orientation outfit, the first Monday-Wednesday class outfit, and the list goes on. I miss going to school. Scratch that… I miss getting dressed up for school, and being a student. I was a good student! An I-never-missed-an-assignment, goody-two-shoes, asked-a-thousand-questions-on-a-test-until-the-teacher-gave-me-the-answer kind of student. Someday I may go to Grad school, but not in the near-distant future. In the mean time, I will dress up like Blair Waldorf and pretend I go to a fancy New York private school or maybe dress up like Serena Van Der Woodsen going to an East Coast boarding school. I have never been a fan of uniforms, but if your dream-real life is anything like Gossip Girl, I can make an exception for the dress code.
Because this is not the Upper East Side in September temperature, I start all my fall looks with lighter-weight pieces. Short, plaid skirts and knee-high socks (My favorite over-the-knee sock found here) are an all-time favorite look of mine. Easy and breezy. Cher from Clueless is the iconic fashion queen of this trend. When recreating this style moment, a black and white ensemble with leather details keeps the look ultra modern. But warning… Nobody wants to end up looking like they found their outfit on the ‘sexy’ isle at a Halloween blowout store! Let’s keep it classy. I am dying for a heeled oxford shoe for fall, but in the mean time, a black bootie will do the trick! As a college graduate, I can now opt for a suede cross-body back instead of a heavy book bag. Praise Jesus for no more back problems!       

Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge a rare jewel. 
Proverbs 20:15 
Just because I am no longer an official student, doesn’t mean that I should stop learning! I honestly feel that between work, bible study, and my new hobbies that my boyfriend and I do together, I have learned more about life and God since graduation that in most of my schooling combined! What I love most about learning about our Creator is that the knowledge to acquire is endless! He keeps us on our toes, that’s for dang sure! After catching up watching the MTV VMA’s this week, I realized just how rare speaking knowledge, truth, and wisdom is. Today’s generation should be soaking up the word of Christ, not the babbling of Kanye West. I love me some Kanye, but he talks some crazy talk! This week I start my Community Bible Study back up which means new pens, pink highlighters, and daily learning. Yippy!
Have a blessed week!

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