Here We Go Again NYC- Job 37:6

I have been home from New York for exactly one week now, and I already miss it ever so dearly! Not to mention, New York Fashion Week is about to start and I am now on the opposite side of the country. This year’s NYC galavanting had an exquisite balance of tourist activities and shopping/dining. Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue are always a must window shop, however vintage consignment shopping in SOHO was out of this world incredible. Two of my favorite stores were Paris Stations and What Goes Around Comes Around!
The leftover snow from blizzard Jonas made for a picturesque city scene, minus some dirty snow on the sides of the streets. Ew. My duck boots from Target really came in handy to jump over puddles! Not to mention, these boots made walking 10-12 miles a day fly by with no blisters! So comfy. I haven’t learned how to pack light yet, but I only brought TWO coats. The tan coat is by Topshop and the black coat was another fabulous rental from my boyfriend’s mother! Beanies, gloves, and scarves made layering simple as the weather warmed up into the high 50’s. I loved adding pop of color into my NY winter wardrobe, although I was literally the only person on the streets not wearing all black. I guess I am not a true New Yorker yet!
Faux Fur Collar Topshop Coat: Here
Topshop Distressed Denim: Here












“For to the snow He says, ‘Fall on the earth,’ And to the downpour and the rain, ‘Be strong.'”
Job 37:6
I was praying for the opposite of this verse to come when I was preparing to fly across the county. I didn’t want my plane to be delayed or our flights canceled! However, when I arrived, I was praying for heavy snow and the downpour of rain so that I wouldn’t have to leave the city. The abnormal changes in weather makes me realize how strong the power of God in nature truly is. In what world does it make sense that it can be the biggest blizzard one week, and days later warmer than the California temperature? God works in mysterious ways, and I felt blessed that we could walk around the city without our jackets on.
Check out more of NYC on Style Servant next Wednesday!
Have a blessed week!

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