New York Round Two- Isaiah 43:19

All my life, when I dreamed of New York City, I thought about Manhattan. It was never until this particular trip that I ventured out into the other boroughs. I cannot express enough how much I fell in love with Brooklyn. Envision the best affordable consignment shopping EVER, boutiques where all they sell is specialty chocolate, homemade bath and body shops, vintage books stores, fancy New Orleans cocktail bars, and so much more. Every street was so unique and wall murals were everywhere. It was a perfect picture scene around every corner. Did I mention the bagels? Truly the best round carbs that aren’t donuts in the country… Courtesy of the Bagel Store. There is so much creative culture in Brooklyn, where I just felt at home.
Recognize this tan coat from last weeks post? This Topshop jacket had a detachable collar which made it easier to change up my look when I had a limited travel wardrobe. After the first two days of the trip, the snow had melted enough that I could trek around the city in my Nike’s. I think I may have finally accepted and adapted to the trick of packing all neutral colors because my shoes and coat matched all my sweaters, bottoms, and tops! Don’t get me wrong, I still way over packed, but at least I had options that all coordinated!













See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:19
Leaving the comfort zone is never easy, but can have many rewards. I never would have thought to spend time outside of Manhattan, but my new favorite part of New York is Brooklyn! Trying new things for God is definitely scarier than traveling to new cities for fun. Take the leap! Have faith. God is directing your paths through the wilderness. Growth only happens when trying new things, seeing new places, and exploring cultures that are not our own.
Have a blessed week!

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