Love and Whiskey Grand Opening- 2 Corinthians 4:14

When I moved into my apartment in Costa Mesa a little over a year ago, I was making weekly trips to the Circle K on the corner for random grocery necessities. Three times in a row, they never had anything I was looking for, so I absolutely gave up on them. However, next door was an empty and abandoned dry cleaners. I have been anxiously waiting for something way cooler to fill its spot and my prayers were finally answered! Love and Whiskey, a men’s and women’s clothing boutique has taken ownership of this awesome location. SO EXCITING.
The best part, their Grand Opening Party is tomorrow from 6-9 and you bet I’ll be there.
The owner is named Sarah, so I am partially biased on why I think she is too cool and has a true eye for up and coming fashion trends. She recommended this palm leaf t-shirt dress by Porrige. Which by the way way is exclusive to Love and Whiskey! I am obsessed. Every girl who lives in Southern California needs easy light weight dresses than can be thrown over a bikini or dressed up with sandals for a ocean view lunch. The Love and Whiskey jewelry is seriously on point. One of my favorite necklaces was this turquoise statement piece. Each design is memorable and extremely unique. Looking forward to sharing more of my favorite looks in the weeks to come!

Love & Whiskey
1658 Santa Ana Ave
Costa Mesa Ca. 92627

Photography by Matt Heisler







We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus, will also raise us with Jesus and present us to himself together with you.
2 Corinthians 4:14
It’s not very often that I can take a deep breath and feel an overwhelming sense of peace. Maybe it’s because my room is clean, or I ate healthy that day, finished my to-do list, or called my mom just to talk. The more I mediate on this verse, the more I realize that my peace directly comes from Jesus. All the small things of the world just don’t matter when my focus on God who raised Jesus from the dead. If I have found personal peace on earth, my temporary home, then I hope to spread that feeling with everyone I know. Life is stressful, but when focused on his purpose, the day to day matters of life just don’t matter!
Have a blessed week!

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