Lejon of California- Matthew 3:4


There has been one accessory missing from my wardrobe for longer than I am willing to admit, a classic leather belt! Lucky for me, my social media partnership with Lejon of California is changing that. This made in America brand invited me to see their factory in Corona and I was blown away by the intimate atmosphere of the employees, but the magnitude of the leather goods produced daily. Lejon manufactures belts for big retailers and small companies, but also designs and produces their own private brands.
Country music has been on repeat in my home which led to me needing this western belt called the Winslet! Don’t be intimidated by adding a western belt to an everyday ensemble! The big silver buckle is so current and can make a statement for a simple outfit. It is safe to say that both a black and brown belt is neccessary for maximizing styling options, and the Winslet comes in both colors. With the black leather belt, I loved the contrast between the white distressed denim and the heather gray cotton tank. Before making a belt purchase, think about whether or not it will be worn high-waisted, or at the hips because the sizing will make a difference! Line dancing is one of my favorite summer time activities, so next week I’ll be styling another Vintage Bison belt by Lejon with my cowgirl boots! Stay tuned!

Photography by Marc Downing







John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey.
Matthew 3:4
When it comes to quality, leather is a material that is long lasting. Back in Jesus’ day, natural materials such as leather were all they had to work with. I love that today’s society is putting an emphasis on how important natural materials are in the fashion industry. As we follow the other principles that God shows us in the Bible, I’ll be wearing leather belts just like John the apostle!
Have a blessed week!

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