The Donut Diaries- The Donuttery


HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT WEEK! I am fully aware that donuts only really get to be recognized on one day, June 3rd, but I have been eating donuts like a crazy person for a week. For this years celebration, I researched the top donut destinations in Orange County. This article from Locale Magazine really helped me narrow my choices. Mostly because I had already been to a handful of the recommended donut hot spots.
One place I hadn’t been was The Donuttery in Huntington Beach. The Donuttery is known for their blueberry donut and their vast selection of vegan donuts. When I had the option to select my dozen, I had the employee working behind the counter choose for me! I sampled everything from peanut butter and jelly, Nutella and jelly, red velvet, sprinkle (duh), blueberry with vanilla frosting, blueberry with no frosting, and so many more that my brain has turned into donut-mush, so I can’t remember the rest! Let me just say, they met my high expectations!
When it comes to donut fashion, yes this is a category of fashion, my mom found this dress for me on Amazon. It’s semi hard to spot the donuts in this dress because it’s easy to be distracted by the other desserts, but the print is so wild and fun that I couldn’t resist!








The Donuttery
17420 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA

Open 24 Hours

How blessed are your men, how blessed are these your servants who stand before you continually and hear your wisdom.
1 Kings 10:8

Working on my blog continuously reminds me of what my first priority is- a servant of God. I serve God, through style. It’s easy for me to get caught up scrolling through Pinterest instead of reading my Bible. It’s verses like 1 Kings 10:8 that remind me how lucky I am to serve God, but I need to stand before Him and continually hear His wisdom!

Have a blessed (donut-filled) week!





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