Toronto Day 2- Judges 9:51


As a little girl, my family made traveling together a priority. My parents taught me to break away from the mundane routine of life, and live a little! We traveled mostly within the United States (Fun Fact: I’ve been to 17 States), and occasionally abroad. My boyfriend’s family also made traveling a priority, which makes us fabulous travel partners. John and I shared our first vacation together in Joshua Tree National Park last April. See that blog post HERE. However, this trip to Canada was our first getaway on an airplane AND it was across borders. Day 2 of our Canadian exploration was quite touristy! We went to the top of the CN Tower, saw the crowds outside the Rogers Centre before a game, and it shouldn’t be a shocker that we were on an eating tour of the city.

Every morning of our trip started with Tim Hortons doughnuts, where we ordered a 50 pack of assorted Tim Bits (doughnut holes). Lunch and dinner was a variety of my boyfriend and his family’s favorite eateries including Swiss Chalet, Mamma Martino’s, Kingsway Fish and Chips, and Jack Aster’s. Needless to say I never went hungry!

The second day of our vaca was almost 1o degrees warmer than day one. Luckily, I saved this romper from Old Navy for the right day! I made a travel faux pas by bringing new sandals to break in when there would be so much walking around, but I was pleasantly surprised how comfy these BP lace-up sandals were from Nordstrom. NO BLISTERS! Excuse me for a moment while I rant about how much I love the neck scarf trend right now! It’s the new statement necklace. I borrowed this bandana scarf from one of my co-workers, but I think I need a few of my own! It was easy to tie and there are so many different ways to style it! Pinterest was my inspiration of course!







But there was a strong tower in the center of the city, and all the men and women with all the leaders of the city fled there and shut themselves in; and they went up on the roof of the tower.

Judges 9:51

Just as the CN Tower is a landmark of Toronto, towers have historically been a safe haven, even in the days of Judges in the Bible. When on the roof or viewing point, there is a view of the city below and the ability to see in all directions. This is how God must feel at all times. He is in Heaven looking at us from above, watching the world pass by underneath. It’s an amazingly powerful feeling to be at the top of a tower!

Have a blessed week!


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