For the Love of Hats- 1 Corinthians 11:4


I am sure you are desperately wondering, what is Sarah’s relationship status with her hats? Let me confirm from the source that ‘it’s complicated!’ Bad hair day? Wear a hat. Good hair day? Can’t wear a hat. Need sun protection? Wear a hat. Oh, but going on a bike ride? Can’t wear a hat. Once I wore a large floppy hat on a bike ride that ended up catching wind and landing in the gutter. Talk about disappointment!

Let’s narrow in on this Hinge Hat from Nordstrom. If it hasn’t been already made publicly known that I practically live in dresses, here is another PSA. Typically, a sundress with this much color would warrant a neutral hat and simple shoe. However, it isn’t very often that the saturated hues match JUST RIGHT. I just love the delicate detail of this hat. Its perforations cascade the shadows just perfectly to look like lace! Crazy to think that we will be transitioning into fall here shortly and I’ll need to find a perfect go-to fall hat to properly accessorize with.

Hinge Hat: Here, A by Amanda Dress: Here , Topshop Mules: Here






Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head.

1 Corinthians 11:4

Hats and head coverings had strong cultural meaning back in the times of the Bible. Men and woman wore hats for different reasons and they had to be hyper aware of when it was appropriate to have their head covered. For men, it was dishonorable to pray or prophesies while wearing a hat. (Similar to men removing their cap at a Baseball game in today’s culture.) Hats in general today create a sense of casualness, hence why this type of hat wouldn’t be worn in a professional work environment. Interesting that those types of symbols are still play a role in today’s fashion!

Have a blessed week!


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