Tel Aviv- 1 Kings 10:9


The last few weeks of travel have been an absolute whirlwind! John and I visited five countries in 20 days (Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Greece, & England), and along that journey, HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM (more details to be shared soon)! A trip of a lifetime is the easiest way to describe the adventure we had- camel rides, snorkeling, offroading, camping, shopping, floating in the dead sea… you name it, we did it! Side note- I survived out of my backpack afterall!

Last week I posted my ‘Backpacking Packing Guide‘ and shared some of the tips I learned along the way while preparing for this trip. This Sun & Shadow dress from Nordstrom was one of the featured items as it was the only dress I took abroad. The weather in Tel Aviv was very similar to Southern California, so I felt right at home wandering the streets of this city!

One catagory I didn’t touch base on in my packing guide was the jewelry I traveled with. I only brought two pieces-my gold cross necklace and this VYN choker. The choker was handmade and hand-deliverd by the lovely designer Rose who’s OC/LA line is inspired by her daughter. The contrast between the turquoise beads in the leather suede choker and the orange dress was the perfect finishing touch that brought the whole look together. I also happened to be wearing the necklace when I got engaged!

See more VYN designs HERE!

Vyn Choker Here; Sonix Sunglasses Here; Steve Madden Booties Here






Blessed be the LORD your God who delighted in you to set you on the throne of Israel; because the LORD loved Israel forever, therefore He made you king, to do justice and righteousness.

1 Kings 10:9

Israel is home to God’s chosen people. The Israelites who live there today are just as proud to be citizens in 2017 as they were when Jesus made this country His home over 2000 years ago. In this 1 Kings verse, the Queen of Sheba came to King Solomon for wisdom and yet she reminded him how blessed he was to become the King of Israel- the highest honor for king in that time. His role as a leader was not to live in ease, but serve God and HIS people. On a smaller scale, we are all responsible for the same purpose as Solomon!

Have a blessed week!


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